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ShanDong Milking Show ended with success, ADF showed its strength
Date: 2012-03-07   From: 本站

  The First Modern Milking Industry Show ,which was held in Ji Nan city Shandong province from Oct 18th to 19th 2011, attracted more than 60 enterprises.

  As the creator of Milking industry, ADF was invited to be here, where ADF showed its unique conventional barn. With an area of 240 square meters , this barn is bulit in total accordance with modern dairy features. All of material used for steel beam and roof is same as that used in the site. The appearance of this barn around South Suburb Hotel aroused great curiosity among people , who regarded it unbelievable that this barn is born only for the show lasting less than 2 days.  However, remarks from the CEO of ADF gave people an good explanation. As we all know, this Milking Show is held mainly for Shandong farmers as well as milking industry partners, who seldom have the chance to go overseas or visit the worldwide milking show .So it is difficult for them to learn the advanced dairy facilities and technologies.  Nevertheless, ADF enabled this come true by introducing the most advanced technology and equipments to them . More and more people started to change the old dairy model in an efforts to improve the quality and quantity of milk.

  After this milking show, ADF's leading role got strengthened and brand image got enhanced. More and more people get to learn and know ADF.

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