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    Asia Dairy Fab. Ltd. has a strong advisory team , our team of consultants is a pragmatic team , able to provide our customers solve real problems and issues , so far they are still active in the first line of the production , they are also China 's top experts in the field of dairy farming .                                  
 25 years of industry practitioners involved in the construction of 50  to 60 dairy farms .The most famous dairy items: Amarillo, Texas, USA pasture , dairy cow 17000 .
  more than 10 years experience in dairy farm management .
   in the Netherlands DeBore company project manager for five years.
  Features : Solving the dairy farm construction and installation of equipment on-site problems.
  Domestic experience : Firmus kedong equipment installation
   Feicheng Austasia design and construction guidance .


  20 years of success in large dairy farm integrated management and technology management and profound knowledge of the genetic improvement of the Holstein breed 20 years experience in regional , national and international levels of foot and mouth disease prevention



  Israeli experts ( Shuangcheng Mite Li Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. Long dairy production project  experts)                                                              

                                                               Cohen ZIV:泽乌        


 Shengli  Li
Asia Dairy Fab. Ltd. technical adviser
 China Agricultural University, College of Animal Science professor and PhD supervisor
 State Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition , deputy director of the national school milk upgrade program specialists
 Sino-US Dairy Research Center Director of the China Agricultural University
 FAO LEAD Virtual Research Center of Chinese experts



 Ku Yang
  Who studied in Ningxia University and management of China's first modern ten thousand pasture paladin . general manager of , Mengniu Australasian modern ten thousand Ranch,
 Current he is Mengniu Australasian modern ten thousand Ranch general manager ,famous expert .


   Jinghui Xu
    General manager of Firmus , senior cows planning ,breeding experts .





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