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  Asia Dairy Fab. Ltd.  continuously absorb international leading technology about dairy , and constantly upgrade their products and technology concept. Since 2005 the company begins to be continuously sent groups go to the world dairy advanced countries, such as the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Israel, Germany, France, the Netherlands and other European countries, we also invited many customers visit foreign advanced dairy farms, design and construction of the domestic dairy farm level with international standards
 after the year 2003 we take the world's leading casual -column feeding mode into China has domestic Cow on the loose -column mode from the original understanding of the doubt to the current full recognition , after that we first appear in the international area only five or six years of LPCV  technology into China, Our design and construction aspects of the dairy shorten the gap with the international advanced level,LPCV will be the future dairy development direction. The introduction of these two technologies called a milestone in China dairy industry

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