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Strategic Target:
To be the top worldwide supplier of integrated construction solutions;
Maintain its superiority in Chinese market in plan, design and construction of dairy;
Expand market and gain growth.

Channels: Globalization Integration Full :
【Globalization】-- Make China stronger and international to enhance company strength and international brand image.
【Integration】-- Gather core competition together and foster integration service system ahead of others.
【Full】-- Make full value chain through development integration and superior operation

Short-term Goal:
ADF will speed up the standardization during the year of 2011 and 2013, assist positively competent departments under the state about national standards reports, in an efforts to boost the cycle economy integrating construction process of domestic animal farms by building some exemplary farms. Aiming at being listed in stock market, we are to create our own industry chain through integration of development, combined with high-tech means as well as intensive operation.

Long-Term Goal:
In the following years from 2014 to 2020, proceeding from China’s actual conditions, we will set up technology R&D center, and commit ourselves into placing ADF ultimately on the top of the dairy world by right of its years of scientific regulated experiences and philosophy. Making Chinese dairy world stronger and international, our strength and international brand image can be enhanced.


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