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  Since the beginning of the 21st century, China's animal husbandry has entered a period of rapid development. It also went through many food safety issues, such as the pig farming industry and the dairy industry of the melamine incident. The safety of animal products related to the personal safety, must be resolved. Livestock scale, standardized farming will change the whole environment, the operation is controlled, and therefore it is very important to solve food safety issues. But after all, the development of animal husbandry in China started late with weak economic foundation, its development and transformation is a long process, it is impossible to develop at once. On the whole, our dairy design, construction and management techniques has a certain gap between the developed countries, especially reflected in the dairy design, environmental control, waste treatment facilities.
  Asia Dairy Fab Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "ADF") is accordingly established in this environment in2002, which is one of the first companies in farm planning, design, construction and management consulting services.
  many years of research and practical experience as a consultant, through digesting and absorption of foreign design and construction of modern large-scale dairy theory and successful experience, combined with China's livestock industry status quo and future development of animal husbandry trends, research, innovation, integration advanced key technologies of dairy construction, ancillary facilities and equipment to form suitable for China, the system, a complete farm design and construction technology system, and demonstration and implementation, so as to promote the healthy development of modern large-scale dairies.
  Since its establishment, ADF designed more than 120 dairies in and out of the country(including dairy, beef cattle farm, pig farms, chicken farms), participated in and witnessed the whole process of China's dairy design and construction industry from the start date. Especially in the dairy, ADF for the first time in the country brought LPCV barns and tunnel ventilation barn from the theory into practice, filling the domestic blank, and also pointed out the direction of extreme weather areas of the barn building.
 ADF design team:
   Dairy planning, design and construction is a complex cross-sectoral, multi-disciplinary systems engineering, it contains many other areas, a number of industries, and many professional. Dairy planning and design requires cross-industry composite team of professionals, including the animal husbandry industry, building and construction industries, detailing and design professionals, electrical, and plumbing professionals and environmental engineering professionals.

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