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   ADF contributes to first-class, professional service for our livestock industry, the company's business involves the dairy farm, cattle farm, beef cattle farm, pig farms, chicken farms and the livestock industry. Now we have a wide range of domestic and international resources of dairy and farm design and construction background, rich and powerful team and business network across the country, large and medium-sized dairy at home and abroad, trade associations and well-known colleges and universities to establish a wide range of business contacts and technical cooperation, the company top industry experts and combat experienced consultants can provide customers with professional quality consulting services.
Service object:
   Builders and investors of large and medium-sized dairy farm, cattle farms, chicken farms, pig farms; existing dairies alterations; existing large and medium-sized dairies managers.

Consultant team:
   Engaged in livestock and poultry breeding industry for many years and have design experts, with extensive practical work experience on big dairy operation, excellent medium-sized dairy farm operation and management, as well as proficient in the budget cost of the investment analyst.

Main business:
1.Dairy Design Consulting - dairy site, the breeding process, waste treatment process.
2. Project feasibility study report - based on customer needs, preparation of dairy feasibility study report.
3. dairy consultation in the farm - dairy architectural design, project management, etc.
4. livestock procurement consultation - provide customers with the best quality of livestock procurement information
5. investment in the farm - dairy investment in infrastructure, equipment, total investment, and efficiency analysis.
6. Dairy management consulting - invite domestic and foreign outstanding dairy management experts, to provide first-class dairy experience in operations management.



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